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  • Congratulations for winning the Outstanding Enterprise Award

    Congratulations to our company for winning the Hunan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

    2021-03-16 11:56:20 CDing 23

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    Congratulations to our company for winning the Outstanding Enterprise Award of the 2020 China Hunan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition!

    Project Description:

    With the tremendous development of power battery technology in recent years, new energy electric vehicle technology has entered a period of rapid development.

    The Galaxy New Energy Tram system assembly adopts a completely independent research and development software management control system, combined with modular design hardware equipment, can be updated and upgraded synchronously, so that the product has long-term competitiveness. In the past three years, it has exported 550 sets of system assemblies.

    Compared with other companies of the same type, our company has core products: cylindrical lithium-ion power battery, battery pack system, motor electronic control system assembly (including high-torque motor, high-power motor controller, highly integrated vehicle controller, Two-way balanced battery management system), and its supporting charger/power station equipment.

    At the same time, it has the new energy "three core components" technology, battery, motor, electronic control, complete system assembly, safe and reliable operation, low procurement operation unit cost, and can provide customers with customized one-stop solutions. The products are favored by customers, and it is one of the few domestic small and micro enterprises that has the supporting production capacity of new energy electric car power system assembly.